Monday, June 30, 2008

Podcasts Worth Listening To

For the longest time, I was a Leo fanboy. I'd listen to everything that Leo Laporte put out. I still listen to a lot but not everything as I've branched out. Well, I branched out a little as I still listen to people I discovered through the TWIT network.
The explicit tag is given by iTunes to those podcasts that may contain strong langauge or themes. You might not want to have these blaring at work or in front of your kids/parents. This is just a heads up; I'm not a censor.

What do you guys listen to?

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Anonymous said...

I've gotten into listening to poscasts from a few 'political' talk-radio shows that I enjoy. Very convienient not to have to be in my car to listen to...ANd if the show starts to get 'too deep in the weeds' about whatever, or Ive lost interest in a topic, just too many damn comericials..It's great to just FastForward like...