Monday, June 30, 2008

Where Have All the Good Mice Gone?

I would love to have a decent Bluetooth mouse that works with the MacBook. Yes, I could use an Apple mouse but my hand isn't symmetrical so why would I want my mouse to be? Even soap, which the Apple Mouse most closely resembles, now comes in ergonomic styles.

So, by definition, I'm looking for a mouse designed for portability which in reality translates to no base station and it needs an on/off switch. Those criteria eliminate the only really good, ergonomic, bluetooth mouse from consideration; the old Logitech MX900. This wonderful mouse comes with a base station (which you can do without if you are willing to recharge batteries separately) but no on/off switch. Yes, I could pull the batteries but do I really have to?

So the MX900 is relegated to being used as a desktop mouse as it lacks portability and I'm reduced to using the only real option out there, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000.

The 5000 is a good looking mouse, it works well and meets all the criteria I specified except its built for 3 year olds. Could they have made this mouse any smaller? Okay, I'm a little larger than the average person but this thing is the size of a toy.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone that has any information about a really good bluetooth mouse for the MacBook.

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Emma said...

Testing on Windows and Linux it looked fine. about on their browser, the accumbent band of buttons for the card bankrupt into two lines. It was not until I assuredly did limited ascendancy on her PC was I able to see what was traveling on bluetooth.