Sunday, July 13, 2008

10 Reasons I Won't be Buying an iPhone

10. Is it IM capable yet? How about SMS? Fixable
9. Crippled Bluetooth. Stereo would be nice on an MP3 player. Fixable
8. No choice in browser - or anything really. To quote an M$ exec,"It's iWay or the highway". Fixable
7. Is that the best speaker they could have installed? Fixable
6. Have you tried typing on it? Fixable (maybe)
5. GPS battery drainage but no turn-by-turn directions. Fixable
4. No Flash for on-line video playback. Fixable
3. 2M Pixel Camera but no flash, no zoom, no video - no video conferencing. Fixable in the next iteration
2. No G3 service but they'll charge me a G3 price. Fixable but unlikely as this is controlled by AT&T
1. AT&T service is pathetic in this area. And that, my friends, is the real killer and not likely to be fixed any time soon

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