Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The BEST iTunes Hack

It's unrealistic to carry around a set of external powered speakers with your portable computer. That may be an option for desktop users or when you use your portable computer at home. But certainly not on the road.

Your tunes sound great on your iPod but when you listen to them on your MacBook they sound tiny and tinny. It's got to be the speakers, right? A hardware issue, nothing you can do about it?

Well, maybe not.

Enter iWoW. A brilliant little program put together by the guys at the SRS sound labs that will really get the full performance from your speakers (or headphones). This incredibly easy to use, yet fully customizable program will fill your music with deeper and richer bass and fuller sound all around. There are even Podcast - Voice settings that make the spoken word clearer, crisper, easier to understand.

The program is installed and accessed through iTunes. Select Window -> SRS iWoW to access the control panel. Then select the type of speakers you are using and try one of the presets that most closely resembles the type of audio to which you are listening. If the presets don't do it for you, try sliding the control bars around until you get just the sound you want.

But be warned, once you've listened to iTunes with iWoW installed, you won't ever want to go back.

A definite buy for even the casual iTunes user.

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