Monday, July 21, 2008

Creating, Managing and Using GOOD Passwords

It seems that every web site out there now wants you to log-in to use even the most basic features. You can use the passwords at bugmenot if it's a site you'll go to once (Firefox has a bugmenot add-on to make that even easier) or you can use a password you generate.

The problem with passwords that a human generates (you, me, anyone) is that they are either:
  1. Too easy to crack,
  2. Too hard to remember or
  3. Hard to crack but the same for every site you go to.
What happens if your password is stolen if you use the same hard to crack password on each of the web sites you access?

One solution is to use a password generator and manager such as 1Password. I was lucky enough to get a free version through the MacHeist competition but this is one program worth paying for if you are worried about security.

1Password integrates into most browsers facilitating use. It works with Apple's Keychain and the autofill options in Safari and Firefox. It is a strong password generator with built-in anti-phishing and keylogger protection.

But most of all, it allows you to use one simple, easy to remember password that activates multiple different secure passwords for use on each web site.

This is highly recommended software.

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