Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mac Bluetooth Works, Why Doesn't Verizon's?

Verizon is my only realistic option for cell phone service where I live. It's really my only option where I ride. So I'm stuck with them.

Well, that's not really true. I've had pretty good service from them, the local techs know their stuff and are willing to help whenever a problem arises (all it takes is time). So, as far as cell phone carriers go, they're not aweful.

I have an older cell phone; a RAZR V3M. It works well enough. It actually has pretty good range and I can get a signal on it when friends using other phones can't. Again, very useful for when I ride. So I'm pretty happy with it and don't have a real reason to upgrade.

What I'm not happy about is the fact that, without telling me upfront, Verizon decided to cripple the Bluetooth capabilities of the phone (okay, they're not picking on me, they do this to all RAZRs). The phone can sync with (some) headsets and in-car units but it won't fully sync with my MacBook. Address Book sync works okay (not well, but okay) but I can't sync files of any kind (notes, music, picures).

There are PC alternatives to be able to facilitate file synchonization, especially music. You can buy a kit that will let you move things around but this is PC only with nothing for the mac.

BUT, the mac doesn't need anything extra IF VERIZON HADN'T CRIPPLED BLUETOOTH.


Some idiot in Verizon was probably under the misconception that I'd pay for a ring-tone!

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