Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Worst Made Hardware Apple Currently Sells

Two down, how many more to go?

I'm talking of course about the Portable Power Adapter block that Apple ships with it's notebook computers. You'll recall a couple of years back how Apple was touting the virtues of the Magsafe magnetic connector. Their ad campaign had John Hodgman riding around in a wheel chair.

There is, of course, a response from Apple. And of course, obviously, we, the consumers are doing it wrong. Well there's a surprise, it's not Apple's fault. There's even a YouTube video detailing how we're supposed to use the brilliantly designed hardware.
Don't you love washed out photos of white parts on white backgrounds?

It's a power plug. You plug it in when you want power and the company that makes it should do at least a little stress testing to ensure that you can unplug it and still have something that works. Of course, Apple decided to patent this wonderful technology so I can't buy an aftermarket version that just works.

Will Apple replace the badly designed hardware? Not Apple. No, they want you to pay another (just under) $100 (piece, tax, shipping) to replace the POS that they supplied. And the problem exists with both the 60W to the larger 85W unit (macBook and MacBook pro items).

Come on Apple. Either make a better product or at least open up the technology so someone can design the unit correctly.


FlawlessWalrus said...

I really like the magnetic connector on my MacBook. I haven't had a problem, and I prefer it to a connector that would bend if not for the magnetic break-away.

Mac Hacker said...

So....yours hasn't broken....yet.

Anonymous said...

I've been using a "custom built" magsafe-brick combo, after a neighborhood 'power-surge' zapped my power-supply. I got lazy/stupid and had it straight to a wall outlet. Bought a 'pre-owned' replacement online somewhere, and everything is A-Ok again. FastForward 5+ years and the magsafe connection has 'worn' itself apart. Exactly like all the other magsafe failures we've seen, heard, or read about. With no spare cash, I couldn't afford a replacement. I was Hatin Apple until I recalled saving my zapped-dead powersupply for some reason. Cut+solder good line to good brick,and I'm good to go!
My MBP sits on a desk, stationary 95% of the time. Hardly ever gets moved,or gets plugged+unplugged etc.
This is a design flaw. Apples desing flaw.