Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chubby Bunny: An Old Virtual Machine

We all know about the continual argument about which virtual machine can best run PC software on a mac. Well, there's another kind of virtual machine that some of us need.

Apple is quick to dump old hardware and old software. The newer OSs will not run classic software. That's a real shame as I have a few CD-ROMSs I'd still like to be able to access. Not too many, but enough that it was worth my effort to figure out how to run old software on a new computer. Okay, in reality, I just wanted to hear Douglas Adams read through Last Chance to See one more time whilst being able to look at the wonderful photos he and Mark Carwadine took.

Sheepshaver is a program that it enables you to run PowerPC Classic MacOS software on your computer, even if you are using a different operating system. It is readily available but requires some effort in setting up the environment.

But, don't worry.

There is an alternative for those that either don't have the confidence/capability to install the software, don't have old OS disks lying around or else don't want to reinvent the wheel. Chubby Bunny is a version of Sheepshaver pre-configured and pre-installed with the highest version of os9 that it will run. Its main advantage is that it is a move-anywhere, zero-install, no-configure, “works out-of-the-box” version for people who have been using Macs because of their ease of use but may not have the patience or ability to do a fairly complex install and configure procedure (I copied that quote from the release notes and they said everything I wanted to say already).

How to use? Download, open the zipped file, copy the program where you want to, double click and run it. It's akin to the Mac-On-A-Stick software I wrote about earlier but with quite a few more bells and whistles.

Now you should be aware that the use of this configuration may be illegal. The use of the ROM, though long-since abandoned by Apple, has been questioned. There are many sites listing the availability of old Apple ROMs so I don't know for sure either way. Use at your own risk.

After all that, did it work.?

Can I listen to Douglas Adams reading?

Not yet.

The version of Quicktime included does not play well with the CD-ROM. The version of Quicktime on the CD-ROM also did not play well with others so I have some trouble shooting ahead of me. But it's a nice walk down memory lane playing in OS9 again so I don't mind too much.

EDIT: 2-26-14 To add new link to software.


douchebag said...

did you have any trouble with fullscreen? i can't seem to get mine to enter fullscreen...

Mac Hacker said...

I could increase the sie of the screen to a size equivalent to my (13") screen size but I could not go full screen either. The aspect ratio was off (more square than my screen).

Sedaray said...

any chance of a repost? only intel versions nowadays. Thanks

Grendel Khan said...

All I have is the intel version. Perhaps others can help...

Anonymous said...

I noticed the download link no longer functions. Do you still have this package?

Grendel Khan said...

Found the latest here

Josh Jack Moldstad said...

Used Chubby Bunny on a Macbook Pro 2010, intel i5, 15 inch supported with El Capitan (10.11). Everything runs smoothly, in fact smoother than on my Macbook 2007. There are two ways to solve the fullscreen problem.

1) If you are using Lion,
-download Maximizer by chpwn
-(must install SIMBL) .
This method is easy and creates fullscreen arrows in the right corner of the gray head bar.

2) If you are using any Mac OS,
-Open COIV4.0.1 folder (or whatever folder contains Chubby Bunny)
-Use ctrl & click on folder labeled Classic, click show package contents
-Use ctrl & click on folder labeled COI, click show package contents
-Open text file hih1 (may need Text Wrangler)
-Change line that says:
screen win/1024/768
change this to the width and height you prefer
I changed mine to:
screen win/1480/1000
-Quit text edit.

This should solve your problem, and change the dimensions indefinitely.

KevinKillion said...

Bummer, NO-GO! Here's what I did:

-- I am running OS X 10.12.6 (Sierra) on a MacBook Air.
-- Downloaded, and unzipped
-- Doucle-clicked
-- The familiar grey background appeared, with the diskette symbol in the center.

In the old Classic world, that meant it was looking for something to boot from!

-- Unzipped 1200Meg.blank, yielding 1200Meg.dmg. Dropped that into \Users\Shared -- No change, doesn't boot.

HELP! Any suggestions?

Josh Jack Moldstad said...

Try taking the "COIV4.0.1+" application out of the folder and put it directly on your desktop. See if it will at least run for now.

Josh Jack Moldstad said...

Try taking the "COIV4.0.1+" application out of the folder and put it directly on your desktop. See if it will at least run now.