Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Diggnation 163: A Podcast Worth Listening To

Diggnation is a weekly podcast put out by Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose. They drink beer, occasionally tea, discuss popular internet news (see the Digg symbol to the right?) and swear a lot. That earns the show an explicit tag. It's the sort of thing people love or hate. I happen to love it but that's not the point of this post.

Episode 163 was filmed and, more importantly, recorded at the Dolby Labs. The technology used was something called Dolby Headphones. The sound was truly amazing. Okay, it's not the first podcast to use the technology, MacBreak Weekly 23 and 24 were both recorded using the technology. I heard those shows and the one released this week. It sounds like Dolby have perfected the technology.

I was listening to the show whilst sitting watching my son's karate class. I think I've gotten used to how flat most podcasts sound, even when played back with SRS iWow running (on my MacBook). The sound was so clear and alive that I took off my headphones to ensure I was the only one able to hear my iPod's playback (before I realized that it was recorded in a special way, easy to do as it starts with an ad).

Evidently there is hardware available that allows you to hear anything on a headphone with this enhancement. I guess I'm going to be looking for new audio equipment.

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