Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Growl is a notification system for Mac OsX that enables applications that support its protocol to display notifications on your screen. Notifications are a way for an applications to provide information without you having to switch from the application you're already in.

For example, if you are downloading a large file in your web browser and switch to another task, say working in Photoshop, Growl will display an on screen message when the download is complete without you needing to switch away from Photoshop to see it.

In some cases the messaging seems a little redundant. Twitterific for example, supports Growl but I'm not sure why. The app itself jumps to the forefront when a Twitter notification is received so why do I need Growl integration?

You can customize Growl's appearance to reflect your personal sense of style. My personal favorite is Music Video which some find a little obtrusive, but I like.

Growl runs in the background continuously waiting for an event to occur but I haven't notice any system slow down. A nice little addition that makes using a computer with a monitor of limited real estate (my MacBook for instance) easier.


Trevorpsy said...

How can I increase the size of the memory partition from 256 to, say, 1024?

Trevorpsy said...

How can I increase the memory partition for Chubby Bunny so something like 1024?

Mac Hacker said...

I don't believe that you can do that in OSX. I understand that this is OS9 running on OSX but still...

Now, if I have totally misunderstood the question and you are asking about increasing a program's allocated memory that is running in OS9 (on Chubby Bunny), then:

-Quit the application.
-Find the original application.
-Select it by clicking ONCE on it and then choose "Get Info".
-You will be able to change the memory allocation now.

For everyone else who is confused, this is not a Growl comment but instead refers to http://hackthemac.blogspot.com/2008/08/chubby-bunny-old-virtual-machine.html