Saturday, September 6, 2008

Garmin RoadTrip and the Potential Removal of Windows

As I've said in an earlier review, I run Parallels on my mac for one reason, to run the Garmin GPS software. Garmin was trying to accommodate the mac community with the release of a beta that works in OSX. The early beta, called Bobcat, was buggy and, although a step in the right direction, not quite ready for prime time.

Garmin released RoadTrip on September 5th, the full version that replaces Bobcat. RoadTrip is ready for prime time. The conversions work flawlessly. The software is very mac-like. Uploading to my GPS just worked (I use a 2610). They got this one right.

Except.....I still need to keep Windows around as I still need to initially install and unlock the maps on a Windows computer.

It would be nice if I could trade in my maps for a Mac version so I could do away with Windows entirely.

But I can live with having to use that other OS just once.

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