Friday, December 5, 2008

Blogger Admits That He May Have Been Wrong

Well I feel like I'm letting the side down by admitting this but I may have made a mistake in a previous post.

I questioned the reasoning behind Apple dropping the Firewire port from the new MacBooks. I suggested that this action would mean customers would have less need of iMovie if they couldn't connect their camcorders to their macs. There may even have been an implied question as to Steve Jobs' sanity in the matter.

Well, it might not have been that big a deal as there may be a couple of inexpensive solutions to the problem:
  1. The $3 solution - (I need a cable anyway, right?)
  2. The $25 solution -
Now, there are speed issues brought about by architecture differences with the FW400 being some 33% faster than USB 2.0 even though the nominal transfer rates are 400 and 480 MBPS respectively. The speed issue may or may not be an issue for your application but most likely not in my case (transferring a movie from our camcorder).

I ordered a cable (option 1) and will post a review when I get the chance to test it. None-the-less, I think my initial reaction may have been an over-reaction.

Forgive me for doubting you Steve.


Improvedliving said...

well he was wrong , it was fact.


Mac Hacker said...

So the cable came in. It didn't allow the mac to see my camcorder. It didn't allow the mac to see the external hard drive I have. Perhaps this isn't as easy as changing the cable.