Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Must Have Software for Any MacBook Owner

I realized that as a blogger, I was failing. It was sad really. More than six months of posting and I have failed to include my list of must-have software for MacBook owners.

Okay, well they're must have software for anyone running the MacOS.

I'm going to avoid the obvious (and expensive) like Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc. I think they should be on your mac, especially if you live in a cross-platform environment but they're kind of obvious.

I'll try to stick with free or low cost.

So, in no particular order (and with my limited descriptions):


iDrive - on-line back-up service
1Password - save all your passwords
HideFolders - password protected hidden folders
Hotspot Shield - VPN for those of us without a business VPN
Little Snitch - stop software calling home.
MacScan - scan for spyware
MacCleanse - clean your tracks
SuperDuper - back-up software, allows you to make a bootable back-up


AppFresh - check if there are updates of your installed software
AppZapper - get rid of old software and all the junk they leave behind
QuickSilver - at it's most basic, it's a program launcher but this, you have to see for yourself
Growl - notifier with tie-in to many other programs
PopChar - find out how to make a £ or a ¾ when you need to
MacPAR Deluxe - great unstuffer
SteerMouse - control your multi-button non-Apple mouse


Firefox with Foxmarks - Web browser and bookmark synchronizer
Adium - communication software
Skype - different communication software
uTorrent - for torrents
Limewire - P2P


Handbrake - DVD Ripper
Region X - Reset your DVD players region
Visual Hub (RIP) - Convert video format


Audacity - convert audio format
AudialHub (RIP) - convert audio format


Graphic Converter X
- convert image format

Oh, and for anyone who took offense to my choice of photo to illustrate today's post; IT'S JUST A JOKE (kind of like the last President's effectiveness ;oP ).

Edit (7.1.11): Update to this list is available.


Anonymous said...
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Reuben said...

cheers for the blog man, but is there any reason why you choose torrent over transmission or anything else?

Reuben said...

cheers for the blog man, but was jus wondering why you choose torrent over any other torrents like transmission? reuben.

Mac Hacker said...

Reuben. uTorrent is small, lightweight, resource light and has never failed me. I found some earlier versions of Transmission in particular to be a little buggy. I also like the look and feel of uTorrent and it's work flow is very intuitive.