Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Foxmarks. Not Just for Firefox Anymore

A while back I discussed ad-ons for Firefox. One of the add-ons I recommended was Foxmarks. Foxmarks is a free add-on that syncs and backs up your bookmarks across multiple computers and more. The more, in Firefox, is that it also backs up your passwords.

Recently, though Foxmarks expanded beyond just being for Firefox and now works for Safari and Internet Explorer (do people still use IE?). It also works on macs and Windows. Now personally, I don't find this too exciting.

Except, because it now works with Safari, I can use Foxmarks with my iPod Touch. If you go to mobile.foxmarks.com, you can access your stored bookmarks and use them on mobile devices (such as the iPod Touch). The guys at Foxmarks have a blog post of how to store this page on your iPod Touch (or iPhone's) home screen.

Now if Safari is your browser of choice, you can sync your Safari bookmarks through the settings in iTunes. This hack works for those of us who prefer other browsers on our desktop.

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