Monday, March 23, 2009

Crackpot and the morning!

A little diversion from the usual today in more ways than one.

I want to share with you a podcast I've been listening to for a while; No Agenda.

Coming Live from Gitmo Nation East, Adam Curry (aka Crackpot) and from THE Gitmo Nation, John C. Dvorak (aka Buzzkill) present a twice weekly podcast on, well, whatever they feel like talking about.

Topics have a heavy political flavor (of a kind) but might be interspersed with discussions on fine wine, West Coast dining experiences, Obamabots (wait, they're back onto politics again), buying gold bars, Monsanto, flying, crashing and boarder crossings. Sitting somewhere left of right wing, they demand politicians of all hues be held accountable.

Adam Curry is still probably best known as being one of the earliest MTV VJs but, as The Podfather, was instrumental in the popularity and uptake of podcasting. His international upbringing (Dutch, American, African, etc.) and residence in GNE (England) allows him a unique perspective (some would say a skewed perspective) of the world. His passionate monologs (okay, they're rants) on a variety of subjects often see him swearing making the show NSFW but entertaining listening when driving in the car.

John C. Dvorak as the prodigious prognosticator of all things tech has become one of technology and business' finest writers. He is never shy about sharing his opinion (usually "that's cr@p" or "is this news?") which he often does as a regular on This Week in Tech. He has one drinking game Dvorak dot org slash blog named for the constant promotion of his blog.

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Twitter: Adam Curry @adamcurry
Twitter: John C. Dvorak @THErealDVORAK

Be warned!

You will laugh out loud!

You will learn things on which mainstream media are not reporting!

You will avidly await the next installment!

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