Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MacHeads - Movie Review

I watched the movie MacHEADS today. An entertaining look at the cult of mac. A little clichéd and every stereotype is well represented in the movie yet it has a charm that lets you overlook some of those short-comings.

The movie takes a look at how Apple customers have changed but with the goal of proving that they've changed over the years.

The movie makers look at customers from the past and talk about MUGs (Mac-User-Groups) and how they helped people learn how to use computers. They interview early Apple employees and spend some time establishing Guy Kawasaki's role in keeping the cult alive through the bad years of the mid-to-late 90s.

They interview people who were mac users, went over to the dark side and then came back. And yes, these people are as eccentric as a film of this kind demands.

But it's the conclusion that leaves me cold. The film makers take a lot of effort to prove that mac fanatics are no longer as fanatical. They show customers who only have iPods and yet, this in a time when Apple are selling more computers than ever. It just doesn't ring true.

They talk about the demise of the MUGs and how there isn't a Mac community anymore. One only needs to look at the number of vibrant on-line communities to know this isn't true.

It might not fit the story the film makers wanted to tell but their conclusion is wrong. It detracts totally from the movie. Worth renting but not worth buying.

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