Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Xmarks - The New Foxmarks

We all love Foxmarks. It's a simple way to keep all our bookmarks organized across whichever computer we used. It just works.

An upgrade was introduced today along with a name change, at least for Firefox users. The new name is Xmarks and it tries to combine the functionality of Foxmarks with a Social Media application. There does not appear to be an upgrade for the iPod Touch (no icon if you save the web page to the home screen) or Safari yet.

Xmarks now places bookmark syncing as third on the list of things it does. In order, Xmarks offers site suggestions, smarter search (sic.) and syncing.

The site suggestions are from an additional icon that looks like the symbol for the men's bathroom in the address bar. It seems to work well for the popular sites I've visited but less well for the less popular sites. It also stopped the auto-fill-in functionality I had. If I type in amazon, I used to go to www.amazon.com. Now I go to a google page telling me about amazon. Not so good.

The smart search is again from the same men's bathroom icon but this time on a google search. It gives you a little preview of the site and a link to reviews. Google itself has 2 reviews. I'm guessing that this will fill out when the service has been going a while.

Anyway, it is what it is. Sometimes I think people want to throw everything but the kitchen sink into all their applications and spoil the software. Foxmarks did one job an it did it really well. Xmarks does three jobs but I only want one of them. At least I can turn off the new features. Okay for free.

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JJ said...

(I work at Xmarks)

Thanks for reviewing Xmarks. A quick clarification that our add-on does not change Firefox's auto-fill behavior when typing into the location bar.

Versions of Xmarks are coming soon for Safari and IE. From your iPhone / iPod touch, you can go to my.xmarks.com for an iPhone-optimized version of our site for mobile access to your bookmarks.

thanks, james