Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cheap PC or Expensive Mac?

We've all seen the ads with the actress Lauren (de Long) supposedly looking for a computer that meets her limited needs. She goes into the Apple Store and leaves without really going in (the same people are in the background when she walks in as when she walks out). She then reports that she's just not cool enough to own a mac.

Really, is that why people buy macs?

Because it makes them cool?

Nothing to do with being fed up with viruses. Nothing to do with the lack of support. Nothing to do with UNIX under the hood and an OS that's pretty easy to manipulate.

So she then talks about cost and buys a stripped down model from some PC manufacturer instead of a Mac as it meets her one predefined need.

Filled with cr@pware, no software mentioned, no support (from a big box store), etc., etc.


My friend sent me a response in an e-mail that he pulled from a site (please let me know the site so I can reference it if you know where this came from and maybe get a better quality image).

The true response to all the Lauren's out there.

Guys and gals, buy what you want, what fits your needs (hopefully the needs are a little more informed than just the size of the screen - it's not the size that matters remember, it's what you do with it). If you want to have a computer that runs Windows, buy one. You're not a PC and buying one won't turn you into John Hodgman either.

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