Thursday, April 23, 2009

Engraving Ideas for an iPod Touch

Mrs. Khan likes my iPod Touch.

Okay, Mrs. Khan likes her iPod Touch which used to be mine - so I'm going to get a new one.

I'm thinking of getting it engraved this time. Here are the 10 options I came up with. The one that gets the most votes is what I'll go with.
  1. MacTendo
  2. Grendel Khan, See by how much I just lowered the resale value*
  3. Palm Astronaut
  4. Parental Advisory: Explicit Content
  5. Newton 2.0
  6. RIAA Vs Grendel Khan, Exhibit "A"*
  7. Walkman 2.0
  8. MiniMac
  9. unPhone
  10. Better than a Zune, I got an........(iPod Touch)
*Adapted from others' ideas.

So which one should I go with? If nothing gets a vote I'm going with MacTendo

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