Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Making a Skype Call With an iPod Touch (2nd Gen)

Skype released software for the iPhone and iPod Touch. For those that don't know, Skype is way of conversing over the Internet, usually using a computer. You can communicate by voice, video or computer-to-phone. All are free except computer-to-phone which costs but much less than your local TELCO will charge.

So how do you communicate using the iPod Touch? It has a speaker but no way of picking up your voice. There is no microphone.

Well, the solution is pretty easy and relatively inexpensive. You just need to buy a microphone that works with the iPod Touch. The one I've tested is the Griffin Smart Talk which Amazon has for a little over $10 (eligible for free shipping).

Plug it in and away you go, at least with the 2G (second generation) iPod Touch. It did not work when I tested it with the original iPod Touch.

Note: You will obviously need to be connected to the Internet through Wifi.

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