Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twitter: Enabling the Novice to Update Web Site Information

I put together the web page for our local Habitat for Humanity organization. One of the things that they wanted to do was be able to update their build information (when are volunteers needed and where) in real time. They also wanted absolutely nothing to do with editing the web page.

There are a number of ways around this but, as the office manager was not scared of using Twitter, I looked into ways of incorporating that stream into the web site. I do not have the ability to alter the server on which the web site is hosted (so no fancy php scripts) so I looked at what was out there. Free is always good for not-for-profit charitable organizations.

Enter Feedsweep. An on-line service that will take the Twitter RSS feed and use a javascript that can be placed on any HTML web page. The controls are somewhat limited (font size control, font style, etc. would be nice) but the service meets needs.

Now we have someone who does not want to have anything to do with updating a website having that ability using Twitter.

Very nice for free.

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