Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Will the iPhone Change How We Value Software?

My son has a Nintendo Wii that he enjoys playing. The typical cost of games for this system is probably in the $30 price range (not a scientifically derived average, just from my simple observation). The games on an iPhone are typically in the $2 range (same observation) with nothing I've seen over $10.

Tweetie for the iPhone is $3 but $20 for the Mac (although there is a free version if you don't mind ads). Same application, same functionality but a significantly different price.

There are a lot of examples of this pricing difference where the cost of an iPhone application is considerably lower than that of a similar piece of software for a computer.


More importantly, will the increasing availability and purchase of inexpensive software start the consumer thinking that software should cost less? Will this lead to more piracy or will the software houses start rethinking how much they charge for software?

With apologies to the software houses that produce some exceptional freeware on all systems.

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