Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't Look Over There - Here's the New MacBook, er, Pro

A quick specs comparison between the now discontinued 13" MacBook and the new 13" MacBook Pro show very little difference:
  • MacBook Pro adds Firewire - I guess all the fuss we made ensured that they rethought that decision.
  • Add an SD card reader - they really are going after the multimeda home user with this unit.
  • Slight bump in processor speed and RAM capabilities.
  • Same case, battery, superdrive, trackpad, isight, video card - wasn't the difference in video card what identified the Pro as such?
  • Nice drop in price.
All this makes for a very nice upgrade and it's one I will probably jump at (just have to get Mrs. Khan on a good-mood day before I break it to her) but does it warrant the new name?

I guess they can all it what they want but is it really a MacBook Pro?

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