Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPod Touch 3.0 (and iPhone)

iPod Touch users like myself had the privilege of shelling out $9.95 for the latest upgrade to the OS, an upgrade that's free to iPhone users. Well, for some reason, Apple charged me $10.55 for the upgrade (Edit: TAX. On an Internet purchase. Really?). Anyway, was the upgrade worth the money? Here's what I got
  • Copy and Paste - well it's about time. That alone means the upgrade was a must-have.
  • Spotlight search - very nice and the access to it as the first page is a nice touch.
  • Autofill - would have been more important before copy and paste but it's still nice to have.
  • Landscape keyboard - nice to have but didn't work in all applications I tried.
  • Safari - supposedly faster but not that I've noticed (over wifi).
  • Wi-Fi auto-login - I thought I already had this. I guess there's some nuance that I was missing.
  • Shake to Shuffle - can't believe they paid someone to develop this. Oh well.
It's a nice incremental update. Evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Fills in some gaps that never should have been there but overall, probably worth the $10. Free would have been better, of course.

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