Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Taping off the radio" in 2009

I used to record songs being played on the radio all the time when I was a kid. Now, I barely listen to the radio when I'm driving as there just isn't that much that I like on the local, rural stations where I live. I'll put on a podcast or listen to something on my iPod instead.

However, I do listen to radio stations from around the world when I'm in the office and would like to be able to take some of that with me when I'm driving. There are other options (streaming over an iPhone connection comes to mind) but here's a way to do things new-old school.

The $30 application Snowtape will record songs from radio stations that play over the internet (for example, Absolute Radio at More than that, it will automatically separate the songs into individual tracks and export them, with artwork and all, to iTunes.

It works seamlessly.....and flawlessly.

Future options will allow you to schedule a recording and perform simultaneous recordings. I look forward to both features.

The only negative that I can think is that the quality of the recording is limited by the quality of the source material to 128 kbps. Still, it's a good option and as good as my iPod's FM transmitter can handle.

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