Monday, August 24, 2009

MacBook Pro Purchasing Experience - Not so Great

I bought my MacBook Pro through the current educational promotion. That got me a free iPod Touch (or rather my wife got the free iPod). The MacBook Pro is a pretty nice machine but I'm not sure the whole buying experience was that good.

There is an issue with the hard drive - sometimes it can be seen when booting up after being turned off, sometimes it doesn't. It's not an issue that the latest update addresses. I'll see if Snow Leopard will fix the issue or it's going back under warranty.

Talking about Snow Leopard, I tried to order the upgrade through the up-to-date route ($10 upgrade rather than $29). I bought the computer on-line from the Apple Store but evidently that doesn't mean I bought it on-line to Apple. They consider their Education Store as an authorized dealer. It's a real shame the geniuses at Apple couldn't have told me that. It would have saved a couple of hours of frustration.

Oh, by they way, I tried calling Apple to make the purchase (before I figured out how to order online) but and they wouldn't take the order. I could "mail in the order". Really? An Apple product that I can't order through the Apple Store.

Then there's the iPod Touch that my wife got. It had 2.x software. No cut and paste. She had to pay another $10 to upgrade the software. That's maybe okay for new software but 3.0 has been out for ages. That just sucks.

A very bad purchasing experience from Apple all round.

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