Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is iGoogle Short-Changing Mozilla

It has been reported that Mozilla makes a lot of it's money from Google. Google pays Mozilla for each search that is performed in the little search box in the corner of their Firefox browser. I think they have a similar deal with other browser makers.

I've set my homepage to my iGoogle page. It offers me functionality I like.

I've noticed that if I open a new browser window that points to iGoogle, I can't type more than 4 or 5 characters in the Firefox search box before the text jumps down to the Google search box in iGoogle.

This is inconvenient as it usually jumps in the middle of a word so I have to re-type the search term. I've ignored it for a while but listening to John C. Dvorak's recent Tech5 podcast got me thinking. He asserts that Google is developing Chrome so they don't have to pay other companies for that captured search term.

Is it possible that this poor functionality in iGoogle is also to short-change other browser creators?

You have to wonder?

Or perhaps I've been listening to too many episodes of No Agenda and I'm seeing conspiracies everywhere.

(My second anti-Google post in a couple of weeks. I thought these guys were supposed to do no evil).

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