Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free Photo Apps for the iPhone: Flash, Zoom and Photoshop

In a new series, I'm going to recommend three different free iPhone apps in any given category. I'll start with the camera function and photo manipulation.

Okay, so the iPhone camera has three major shortcomings. No zoom , no flash and low resolution. Well I can't do anything about the number of megapixels you can take but I can show you some solutions to the other two problems. And then some image manipulation software to try to make up for the last.

1. Camera Plus adds a zoom function to your camera. I take all my pictures through this app as there's just no downside to using it to replace the original camera app.

2. Flash for Free doesn't really give you a flash but it does provide light to your night time photos and makes them brighter.

3. Mobile links to the on-line (free) photoshop editing tool (no, the on-line tool is not the same as the full version but it cost a lot less). Allows you to do simple photo manipulation on the phone before you upload to site. Integrated upload to your account.

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