Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free CPR and Emergency Apps for the iPhone

I take the CPR refresher class that American Red Cross offers each year. I'm part of the Safety Committee at work, I have very elderly in-laws and (most importantly to me) I'm the father of a very active son - all very good reasons if anyone needs reasons. There is an excellent app put out by the American Heart Association called Pocket First Aid and CPR. However it's not free ($3.99) so here are some free alternatives.

iFirstAid has an excellent interface to walk you through all kinds of emergency situations such as CPR, bleeding, burning, choking and poisons. Some have complained that the information might not be totally accurate or up-to-date but I've not found where there is a problem. Did I mention the excellent interface?

CPR-Choking offers video instructions on how and what to do in the case of such emergency situations. Not something to pull out, sit and watch whilst someone is lying next to you in distress, it is something to watch occasionally as a good refresher.

WebMD Mobile offers a lot of excellent information such as their symptom checker, drugs and treatments database and first aid information. The CPR section, for instance, is informative (but perhaps a little wordy to go through in an emergency situation) and well worth the read. Where this app falls down, however, is that it requires a connection - not something you might have camping in the back woods. Great when it works though.

I don't think many people would claim that these apps are alternatives to taking a CPR class and becoming certified. However, they do offer good, quick reminders in case of an emergency. I might forget my skill cards but I don't forget my iPhone.

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