Thursday, October 8, 2009

@ScotteVest and their BAD Customer Service

So the operation on my right shoulder is done. The steroids are kicking in and I can type with more than a couple of fingers on my left hand so it's time for a post that I meant to make a while back.

I contemplated not running this at all as I really don't like to interfere with a person's livelihood but I created this blog to pass on information. It always remains the consumers choice with whom they do business.

A while back, we (the Khan clan) bought some items from ScotteVest. Long time followers of the blog may recall my previous reviews of their garments (I like 'em, their shirts are among my favorites). I finally convinced the petite Mrs Khan to order one of their vests. She looked at their sizing chart and ordered a (M)edium. She order it when there was a sale on, with some items being on clearance, so there were limited return options posted. Among the limitations in the e-mail notifying customers of the sale were in one place All Sale Are Final—No Returns or Exchanges and later on, emphasized (bullet points, caps, etc.)


Not a clear disctinction but clear enough to understand that any decent company would ensure that the customer is satisfied with the outcome.

So the order came and, well, whoever measures things at ScotteVest must have been holding their tape measure upside-down as Mrs. Khan could swim in the vest she received. So I e-mailed back and asked to exchange for a smaller size (which they still had in stock).

"No exchange, all sales final."
"No exchange, all sales final."
"You're kidding, it says right there."
"Doesn't apply to what you bought. No exchange, all sales final."

I got in contact with the owner. He apologized for any confusion I might have had reading his post but confirmed his employees decision.

"No exchange, all sales final."

We exchanged a few e-mails. I commended him for cleaning up his web site to eliminate the confusion ("I notice the graphics on the web page and text in red have been added also since I placed my very early order."). Evidently he hadn't. I must have been reading a cached version of the page or another women's vest page on his site. He misinterpreted my e-mail, evidently inferring that I was accusing him of acting surreptitiously and really blasted me ("it is insulting to me and my wife for you to accuse us of changing this language after your purchase" [His wife? I never mentioned his wife. I didn't even know he was married. He keeps talking about poodles. I didn't think a wife was in the picture - not that there's anything wrong with that!]).

My education was brought into question. My ability to read ("a man of your educational background should be able to read and comprehend a simple newsletter").

My ability to comprehend ("the language on the actual product pages was always clear").

I had little interest in cleaning up the misunderstanding given the tirade that followed.

Well, I look at the packing slip I got with the vests.

I've posted it below.

(Yes it's been photochopped but only to remove our mailing address).

Look about half way down.

Is that ambiguous? Is that something that can be miscomprehended?

I'll highlight it again.
"No exchange"

I've never seen the abbreviation OK to mean not okay before.

Is there any limitation on that Order Comment? Let's look.

I'm not seeing it.

Does it only apply to part of the order? Let's Look.

I'm not seeing it.

Clear, printed and sent out by ScotteVest.

So I told Mrs. Khan that we could take this through small claims court if she wanted but it was probably not worth the effort. But the point was mute as Mrs. Khan had already donated the vest when she went to drop off a couple of boxes of other stuff at Salvation Army.

She has no reason to keep oversized clothes.

Evidently I've been banned from buying their products in future ("We don't need nor want your business in the future").

Way to treat the customer! And really, you think I'd come back?

Contrary to the image that the owner wants to portray ("we are incredibly ethical people and run an ethical company") any warranties from ScotteVest are literally not worth the paper they're printed on.

Edit: 12.4.2010
I do not have comments enabled on this post. However, I have been contacted by others disgruntled with SEVs service. Here is one such missive:

I had a bad experience with Scottevest customer service too. I'd like to post a link to my story as a comment to your Scottevest post, but I'm not seeing a way to comment.

Here's my story: