Thursday, January 28, 2010

The iPod Touch XL, aka The iPad

So the iPad was released yesterday and there was a lot of coverage about it on-line. There's nothing there that wasn't really expected (thanks Mr. McGraw-Hill CEO - I did notice your companies name was not in the presentation after you slipped up and let the cat out of the bag) and I'm not seeing the killer-app for this form factor.

But I don't think that this iPod Touch XL (must ... resist ... urge ... to ... call ... it ... the .... maxiPad) is designed for me ... or any geek really. I think that this is designed for the grandma or mom who is wandering around Wal-Mart who will see this as a better option than a netbook and Kindle. It does everything that those markets would want (except perhaps missing a camera and thereby the ability to Skype to see the grandkids .... and an SD reader for expanded memory or a slide show of the pictures you just took on your digital point-and-shoot) and pretty well.

That's not to say Geeks won't like what it can offer and find new ways of using it, that it won't replace the book pack of students or won't be adopted by the medical profession (the biggest users of tablets) but I don't think that's what will decide how successful this product is seen as being.

So what is it missing. Twice the size of an iPod Touch but no multitasking. It's tied to ATT if you want 3G (nice prices though). It won't use T-mobiles 3G so even though it's unlocked, it really isn't. Still no Flash.

The $499 price point is pretty sweet and less than a netbook-Kindle purchase so I think that housewife in Wal-Mart will add this tablet to her cart.

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