Thursday, February 11, 2010

Siri - Your Personal Assistant

Okay, we've been promised robots that were going to take care of us all for decades but we're still huddled over our computers praying that the incandescent screen will give us the answers we seek.

Siri changes that.

Well, a little anyway.

Siri is a new app for the iPhone or iPod Touch that performs searches. Talk in your desire (that's right, talk) and you will get your answer on screen. Those that don't have a microphone (early iPod Touch owners, for instance) or those that need to be quiet can type in the request and get the same response.

Okay, so searching for answers using the iPhone isn't new. What is new is Siri's ability to understand what you are looking for. The voice recognition is excellent, even with my bastardized version of Yorkshire undertones and mid-western overtones, Siri was perfect in translating what I said to the on-screeen command.

But more than that, she understood what I meant. When I asked "what's a good place for lunch" she understood to search for: location, restaurant, recommended.

That she thought Quiznos was an appropriate response shows that they need to work on the algorithms a little bit more, but what they already have is phenomenal.

Highest recommendation, phenomenal for free and I can't wait to see where this goes.

Edit 4.28.2010: Well it seems like someone at Apple likes this app too. They just bought them!

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