Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tweetie 2.1 Released for the iPhone

Tweetie has long been the Twitter client app of choice for many but has been looking pretty dated recently.

For example, Echofon for Twitter, a free alternative, has supported lists for some time.

Tweetie did not. Well, until the release of version 2.1 (free update, $2.99 if you haven't previously bought).

In addition to lists, version 2.1 also now supports geolocation, the ability to retweet and report spam directly from the app. A very elegant implementation (and by that, I mean its almost mac like in its ability to do things the way that I would anticipate that they be done) of everything that you'd want to do with Twitter. Some of the other features of Tweetie are that it can handle multiple Twitter accounts, allow you to post photos and videos, even configure your own custom image host directly from the app, preview short URLsand provide seamless Twitlonger support (for when you can't say it in under 144 characters).

If you want free (but still very good), look at Echofon for Twitter. If you want elegant, look at Tweetie - it's that little bit better and worth the fee to me.

Edit 4.11.10: Twitter announces that it has just bought Tweetie to be it's default app. It will be renamed as Twitter but have the same functionality. It will also be free so hold of purchasing for a while.

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