Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Radio's Dead! The Daily Source Code with @adamcurry Saves Us From The Banal!

Okay, not much mac stuff in this post. I could do a ten reasons I won't be getting an iPad post, but why? (Summary: it's nice and sparkly but I don't need one). So I thought I'd review a podcast (hey, there's a mac connection of sorts) that just came back to life.

The Daily Source Code (DSC or Delta Sierra Charlie) with podfather and ex-MTV VJ Adam Curry brings back old time radio. No, I don't mean another crappy 60's station but radio from when DJs chose the music instead of advertisers or by using a centralized computer developed play list. From when everyone that was anyone was on Top of the Pops, when the real bands were on the Old Grey Whistle Test and when the late, great John Peel was what all DJs aspired to be (look up BBC and Sessions to find out who he was). And yes, I am a child of 80s England.

The DCS is a mostly music companion to the excellent political commentary podcast, No Agenda, which Curry presents with John C. Dvorak. The politics in DSC are somewhat less of the focus than in No Agenda as they are limited to the music. But what music, what a great mix. From punk to metal to, well, the awesome Etta James in the last show, the play list is full of songs with heart (heart in a Jimmy Rabbitte way said with a snear and whilst grabbing your scrotum!). This truly excellent offering should be on everyone's subscribe list even if it is NSFW (well, at least not where I work).

One complaint - it's not daily but I guess biweekly doesn't have the same ring. Here's hoping for more frequency in the programming and that it doesn't disappear for another year. Oh, and that the rights holders to the music don't kick up a fuss.

Really, give it a try. You won't be sorry.

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