Monday, May 24, 2010

The Big App Show by Adam Curry

How surreal.

A review of an app that reviews apps.

Adam Curry  (former MTV VJ and Current Crackpot on the No Agenda podcast show) has written and stars in an application delivered video review of other applications that are available on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. Some of his early reviews include Siri and Shazam (amongst others) with the promise of more every week.

So what's new?

Most app reviews (and I include my own here) are text based, these are video based. These have the affable Curry describe what he likes and doesn't like about the apps (I guess that's not all that new, it's what all reviews do. Curry has a somewhat more entertaining turn-of-phrase than most though). There are also direct links to the Apple App Store from which the apps can be downloaded / purchased.

Curry's see first, buy later approach is a more mainstream (and perhaps legal) alternative to jaibreaking your phone to try different applications before buying them or relying on a friend to buy the application before you do.

A nice approach. Great for free.

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