Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chrome on the Mac: FontAgent Pro Issue Solved

I'm finally giving Google's Chrome a run through it's paces. Firefox has gotten slow and I thought I'd try to see if Chrome's reputation for being fast was well earned. It's out of beta and my two must have extensions (Xmarks and 1Password) are available.

My first experience with Chrome was not all that good. I loaded the most recent version, started it up and well - crud. I could not read the text on web pages that displayed fine in Safari and Firefox.

I figured that the problem was due to the font manager I use, FontAgent Pro. I believe that the problem was caused by a conflict between the the managed fonts and the system fonts. Chrome uses the managed fonts rather than the system fonts and having an alternative (and, in particular, Arial) was causing issues. Simply disabling the managed font in the software corrected the problem.

Others have reported that opening Font Book and using the Resolve Duplicate Fonts option can help, but I've not needed to go that route.

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