Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cheap Components in Expensive Macs

People buy macs over PCs for any number of reasons. Some are perceived, some real, some are just not true. One of the reasons often given for buying a mac is the superior components used in the manufacture of the computer. The continued insistence by Apple to use the ever so appropriately named MatSHITa (the emphasis is my own) optical drives negates this arguement.

My MacBook Pro went in for repairs again for a replacement Superdrive. I'm now on my fourth Superdrive (sic) in under a year. Luckily, the computer is still under warranty so the repairs have been free so far (except for the inconvenience of being without the computer for two days each time). But my warranty is running out so I bought (at no little expense) the extended warranty as I doubt that this is the last time I'm going to have to replace this part.

A couple of observations. I am not hard on my computers. They are somewhat babied, if anything. I've never once had to replace any drive (optical, hard, etc.) on any machine in all the years I've had computers. So it's not me. Also, I had two of the drives go bad before I made my drive region free so that's not the culprit (and yes, I removed the RPC-1 (Region Free) hack before I took the computer in to be repaired).

And it's not just me. There are numerous threads on mac user forums with many posts saying they suffer from the same problem I encountered. These posts go back years so the problem isn't new. Perhaps its time for Apple to step up and look for another supplier. It is inappropriate for them to use cheap componets on a very expenive computer.

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