Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Getchaself A (Free) Hedjucation"

I've been a fan of the iTunes U sites for some time. iTunes U contians classes from some of the world's top universitites and professors, as well as museums and other educational and cultural institutions, in a broad range of subjects. I've used the site to expand my knowledge in areas that are new to me as well as trying to get a different perspective on topics that I teach. I find it, ahem, very educational.

Apple published a press release yesterday anouncing that iTunes U downloads have now topped 300 million. They continue that "over 800 universities throughout the world have active iTunes U sites, and nearly half of these institutions distribute their content publicly on the iTunes Store. New content has just been added from universities in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and Singapore, and iTunes users now have access to over 350,000 audio and video files from educational institutions around the globe."

This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to improve and enhance their knowledge on a given subject. Many (most?, all?) of the classes are free. So where does your interest lie?

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