Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Check to See if Your Gawker E-mail Was Hacked

Gawker Media's servers were compromised this weekend resulting in a security breach at Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jezebel, io9, Jalopnik, Kotaku, Deadspin, and Fleshbot. That's sad because those are a lot of the web sites that geeks like myself like to play at. It could be a particular problem for those that use the same throwaway password on many sites. I guess there's throwaway and there's throwaway.

So what to do if you play there too and are worried if your account was hacked. Well, if you use Facebook Connect, you're safe. Slate.com produced a widget to check if your e-mail is in the released file (I was lucky, mine wasn't). If it is (even if it isn't), now might be a good time to review your password policy.

And take a look at 1Password which is a great password manager. You need to remember one, very long password and it will handle remembering all of your other passwords. I use this software but still use the same password on a lot of sites. I should know better. 
Hackers are out there. Even McDonald's was hacked today.

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