Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 Apple Predictions for 2011

I have absolutely no inside knowledge of the company's plans but I thought I'd join all the other pundits and try to predict what Apple will do in 2011.

10. The iPad will remain the number one tablet to lackluster sales from other platforms.
9. The MacBook Air will remain as the only Netbook as that market dies.
8. The MacBook Pro will incorporate a Blu-Ray player.
7. People will complain about the lack of openness, transparency, Apple's cut in the new Mac App Store (which will be a hit despite all the complaints).    
6. Apple will buy Sonos to integrate their service with AppleTV 3.
5. AppleTV 3 will have apps
4. ….and so will the Apple branded television set.
3. The iPhone 5 will have a newly designed antenna.
2. Apple will release the iPhone on Verizon
1. ….and it will be instantly Jailbroken by the Dev Team.

Check back in 12 months to see how I did.

And, of course, have a wonderful New Year.

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