Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Canon Loyalty Program

I'm not sure how well publicized the Canon Loyalty Program is but I just used it and am very pleased with their service. You can trade in an old Canon camera against a refurbished model. I traded my 20D for a 7D for a little over $1,000. Not bad for a camera that lists at $1,699.

I got more off the price of the new camera than the price I could get for my old camera from e-bay and didn't have to go through the hassle of listing. The refurbished unit comes with a 90 day warranty. The one I got looks brand new.

Just thought I'd pass on the information if you are thinking about an upgrade. Tel. 1-866-443-8002 for the program.

They also do a swap on printers but I haven't tried that program. Yet.

Friday, January 14, 2011 The On-Line Directory is an interesting concept. Some worry that Facebook is become the telephone directory of the web. Much less scary is the ability to create an on-line business card that points to all of your activities on the web. allows you to do just that.

Now many of the sites are much more attractive than mine but the simplicity of the site is quite refreshing. It's much cleaner than Google's offering, if a little less informative. Great for free.

As an aside, I was once asked by a younger colleague of mine that "if they can't find you on Facebook, do you exist?"

"Yes, I do" I replied. "Otherwise you'd be stood here talking to yourself."

Edit: To answer those that asked why my card only shows a few links. Obviously Grendel Khan is not my real name. It's a name I use for the purpose of this blog. Many of the services I use to share other information with my family could also be linked to using this service but I have a separate card for that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Five Key Points from the Verizon iPhone Announcement

Well it finally happened. After years of rumors (and disappointment that they were just rumors), Verizon announced that they will be selling a CDMA iPhone. The phone is not exclusive to Verizon so may appear on other CDMA networks at a later date. Here are the important facts:

1. Verizon will get the iPhone4 to run on their CDMA network (same phone as ATT has had for a few months, no LTE).
2. Pricing is $199 for the 16GB model and $299 for the 32GB model with a 2 year contract and a data plan.
3. Pricing for the data package has not been announced but will include tethering for up to 5 devices.
3. There is a tweaked antenna design. This is supposedly to make the phone work on Verizon's CDMA network but one could imagine that it is also to counter the problems seen by some ATT customers with the existing design.
4. Existing Verizon customers can pre-order on February 3rd, others can pre-order on February 10th.
5. for more information as it becomes available.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Mac Store Opens: Will the Mac ever be the same again?

The Mac App Store opened it's virtual doors today and I worry that this means that the Mac becomes a less innovative platform. With every bug fix and every iteration in software development now needing approval, will this be the day that the Mac platform becomes significantly less stable and more vulnerable.

Okay, what is the Mac Store? Apple described it as being "just like the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. So it’s as easy to find and download Mac apps as it is to add your favorite magazine to iPad or a new game to iPod touch. You can browse Mac apps by category, such as games, productivity, music, and more. Or do a quick search for something specific. Read developer descriptions and user reviews. Flip through screenshots. When you find an app you like, click to buy it."

Other than this being on Mac's servers, I'm not sure what the innovation is here. AppFresh and MacUpdate already tell me which applications I have installed have updates available.

If you want it (and probably, knowing Apple, even if you don't), get it from Software Updates or MacUpdate.