Friday, January 14, 2011 The On-Line Directory is an interesting concept. Some worry that Facebook is become the telephone directory of the web. Much less scary is the ability to create an on-line business card that points to all of your activities on the web. allows you to do just that.

Now many of the sites are much more attractive than mine but the simplicity of the site is quite refreshing. It's much cleaner than Google's offering, if a little less informative. Great for free.

As an aside, I was once asked by a younger colleague of mine that "if they can't find you on Facebook, do you exist?"

"Yes, I do" I replied. "Otherwise you'd be stood here talking to yourself."

Edit: To answer those that asked why my card only shows a few links. Obviously Grendel Khan is not my real name. It's a name I use for the purpose of this blog. Many of the services I use to share other information with my family could also be linked to using this service but I have a separate card for that.

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