Monday, April 18, 2011

Death by iPhone

So Cisco announced that they wouldn't be making any more Flip video cameras last week. The wise money is putting the reason on the capabilities of smart phones even though smart phones (at least camera phones) pre-date the Flip by some time.

This got me thinking "what other gadgets do I no longer use because I have an iPhone?". There's a lot of stuff that never leaves my house with me anymore. The most obvious, after the dumb cell phone I used to use is the Palm (Pilot) that I used to have with me everywhere. But there's more than that. Here's the top 10 list of gadgets that I had to have but now no are very rarely used  because my iPhone has an app for that (and yes, at some point, I've bought them all):
  1. PDA
  2. Video camera
  3. Pocket camera (for taking snaps, not my DSLR for taking photographs)
  4. GPS (for walking around, I still prefer my Garmin for in-car navigation)
  5. MP3 Player (and the portable CD player before that)
  6. Portable DVD Player
  7. Hand-held video game unit
  8. Note pad
  9. Photocopier (I can pdf the document and take it with me)
  10. Pocket radio

Then there's the reference material that I no longer need to buy. The TV Guide is one that immediately comes to mind although there are many that I use for work (MSDS databases, CPR reminders, etc.)

Are there any other gadgets that lie unused in your drawers because of the iPhone?