Friday, May 20, 2011

The Death of the Bookmark?

Okay, maybe I'm having too many problems in life given that I entitled the last post "The End of Innocence?" and now it's "The Death of Bookmarks?" but it's still a valid question: are bookmarks going the way of printed internet registries (remember those from the early 90s?).

I had a collection of over 1,000, yes 1,000, bookmarks that I just spent an hour cleaning out. Dead links, dead sites, information in which I no longer have any interest (why did I ever?). Now it's whittled down to under 100 that I actually still use.



On occasion.

I got through the task and thought "why don't I just get rid of all of them and use google to get to where I want to?" I can put links to sites I actually go to regularly in the Bookmarks Bar (I use Google's Chrome so your naming protocol might differ here but you understand what I mean) and get rid of the rest.

Well, I didn't.

There are a few work related topics that having a list of links helps me remember connections I need to go through and there are a few obscure sites that help me do my work. And  I don't want to lose them.

So, right now, I still have a use for bookmarks but I'm really close to getting rid of them all.

How about you?


Anonymous said...

sweet irony that "The Death of Bookmarks?" link is a dead one!

Mac Hacker said...

Hehe - you found my deliberate mistake :) Okay, it's fixed now. Thanks for the heads-up.