Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The End of Innocence?

Search engine optimization is being exploited to exploit holes in Safari. These malware infested pages now use a pop-up, similar to the ones of which Windows users have become wary, identifying a problem with the mac (evidently test and image searches for piranhas are infected). MacDefender is the name of a fake AV that is identified as the solution to this problem and a link is conveniently provided.

Only, it's not a solution. The fake AV is malware.

But here's the good news: you actually have to be dumb enough to install the software for it to be a problem.

You have to download the virus.

You then have to launch the program.

You physically have to give it your administrator password.

Come on, you're a mac user. You're obviously not that dumb.

Perhaps this is another arguement for the Mac App Store (and I'll leave the conspiracy theorists to take that connection and run with it...).

Edit: If you are unfortunate enough that you cannot stop yourself from installing the malware, evidently the way to uninstall is not too dificult. E-week reports that "users should go to Activity Monitor in Applications/Utilities and disable anything that relates to the file. Users should look for any references to the scareware in Startup Items, Launch Agents and LaunchDaemons and quit running processes. Finally, users should drag the MAC Defender application to the trash and trash any other MACDefender reference found under Spotlight."

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