Saturday, June 4, 2011

Updates Completed for Now

My apologies to anyone who's been trying to go through the blog over the last couple of days.

Things have been moving around.

A lot.

I've made a small change to the appearance (from black to grey and black) but chose a theme that I think highlights the posts a little better than before.

I added search and share features and removed the single Digg button from each post as it wasn't generating much interest.

Google's +1 feature was added as was the ability to mail, like, blog or tweet to each post.

I went back through all the posts to update images and ensure that formatting in the new theme worked well. I may go back and play with image size on some posts but that's just tweaking.

I also enable comments for all, not just registered users. All comments are still moderated and if I see to much spam, I'll switch back (I'm talking to the chinese spammers who like to add links to porn sites in their periods........).

The last thing I added was ads from Google (which should be on-topic) and Amazon (which should only show their deal's which I like to follow anyway).

If you don't like ads, you can remove them at the browser level (on your computer) using AdBlock which works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari (that covers 96% of the audience). I have AdBlock installed but have it disabled for the blog on my browser so I get to see what ads are being added. If I see too much junk coming through then I'll turn the ads off again.

I hope you like the changes and can make use of the new features.

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