Friday, July 1, 2011

Must Have Software for Any Mac Owner (2011 Update)

It might be a mistake to post this list just before Apple releases Lion but I've made mistakes before and its a habit I'm having a hard time breaking.

So, a while back I posted a list of must-have software for anyone running the MacOS (check it out so that the information isn't just repeated here).

You may recall that I avoided listing the obvious (and expensive) like Photoshop, Microsoft Office (yes Office which I still find to be required for a fully functional spreadsheet and to be full compatibility with my place of work), etc. and focused on free or low-cost.

Most of what was listed previously is still efficacious. I thought it due an update as its been about 18 months since that list was published so here are a few updates:


CCleaner - A mac version of the popular Windoze program (still beta but works well).


Chrome - A fast web browser using Xmarks and LastPass (this replaces Firefox which became bloated, buggy and slow)
Frostwire - P2P (replaces Limewire for obvious reasons)
Google Notifier - Check email and events without having to open the browser


EVOM - Convert video formats (replaces Visual Hub which is no longer being developed)


MAX - Convert audio formats (replaces Audial Hub which is no longer being developed)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pointer to Evom. I've been hanging onto VisualHub but will check this out.