Thursday, December 22, 2011

NFL Puts Super Bowl Online

The Super Bowl will stream this year for the first time (legally) on the Web sites of both the NFL and NBC. NBC has been streaming their coverage of the Sunday night games on their website throughout the year so this really is little more than an extension of that service but seems to be making a lot of news right now (for example, ).

This is great but my English friends have been watching the games online for years using a site that might be of questionable legality (I'm not a lawyer, let alone someone well versed in international copyright law so you'd be better off doing your research on the subject).

I know a lot of people in my area that would love to be able to choose which games they watch instead of watching the local team. The Lions might be fair this year but we've had many, many years when they sucked.

How to Get Apps for Free (Legally)

I know that you've all been very good this year and so as to help Santa out and give you all a little gift, here are a few apps that you can download to determine which (other) iPhone apps have been made free for (typically) a short period of time. These include (and in the order I find most useful):

In addition to apps, there are a few sites online that record some of the same information. These include:

The only downside is that there isn't really a single source that will record all temporarily free apps so you would need to check them all if you want to make sure you don't miss anything. That's a lot of work to save somewhere between $1 and $10 typically so I'd recommend tracking which one provides you with the best links and just track that one.

And a heads up on an app that is free (rather than one that identifies free apps) and has just been ported to the iPhone. The app is the beautiful Flipboard. This app was named Apple's iPad App of the Year and the new port to the iPhone shows why. Flipboard lets you generate a custom newspaper that is filled with articles of interest to you as well as your social networks. The app is almost worth having for the GUI itself.Awesome for free.

Sorry for all of the brackets ((((())))((((())))))(((((())))))