Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Pogoplug

So I bought a new toy for my new home that makes sharing files about as easy as, well, as using a Mac. I found the Pogoplug on sale just before Christmas for around $25. They're only a little more now at $30 with free shipping from Buy.com. Or you can get the pink one on Amazon for the same price I paid for my black one.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. What is the Pogoplug? It's a little box that puts your cheap external HD on the internet or your home wifi network. Easier to put together than a NAS and much easier to configure, this is a good looking piece of hardware. Installation took seconds and couldn't be easier. Plug everything in and follow the on-line instructions. It really doesn't even need one of my step-by-steps as its that easy.

Okay, so now we're set-up, what does it give you? Well, I now have wireless access to 250GB of storage (the size of the external HD I plugged into the unit). Makes me think that a small SD drive is now a possibility if I drop the photos and music onto the external HD. My photos are accessible and I can stream my music anywhere. That also means that the next iPhone I buy may not need to have quite as large an HD as before. And I get immediate back-up of the photos on my iPhone. I can also use Superduper to wirelessly back-up my HD and  I can share large files with friends without having to use a third party service. Very, very nice.

Overall, if you've got an external USB HD that you're using, this thing is a no-brainer. Certainly worth the money I paid.

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