Thursday, April 19, 2012

Buying from England when You Live in America

As some of you know, I was not born in the US but in England. That means my tastes are not always filled by the wares in US stores. I can get many of the missing things I crave by a quick trip across the boarder into Canada but sometimes I have to order on-line from the UK. There are excellent stores that will ship directly to the US without issue ( comes to mind) but not all. For those times when I find such a store, I use Bongo International (this also works if you live in Europe and want to shop in the US).

When you get a US address or EU address from Bongo you can shop US and shop EU websites. (Isn't EU what teenage girls say when they see something gross?). Packages are sent to your Bongo address for forwarding to your country. It does mean that you are paying shipping twice but the rates are not too exorbitant and means that I still have access to some things that my sister just refuses to ship over for me (e.g. English comics).

Evidently Bongo offers solutions for online merchants who are looking to expand globally. I wish more would take this option up so I could just order directly but until then, I still have my Bongo International address with which to work.

A nice service that works as advertised.

And a little hint to those who shop for family overseas. Try ordering on-line from the country in which they live and ship directly to their home. It often saves money by reducing the need to ship Internationally. Again, has helped keep my nephew and nieces supplied with birthday and Christmas presents.

(I would put my Amazon affiliate number in all those Amazon links if I was a better business man but I still think it's a little cheesy).

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